'Becoming an Energy Magnet' On-Demand

Congratulations on making a decision to grab the most aligned version of yourself. 

$4500 $1497 

The energy you show up with, live in and elevate your life with!  

This 10-week workshop is the foundation to your JOY and ULTIMATE relationship starting with self.  Wise woman YOU are setting the 'foundation' of your life on even more solid ground.  

What you'll get:

  • 10 Value-packed modules with recorded video
  • Worksheets and printable material to supplement the information contained in the videos
  • Bonus materials to deepen your learning and expansion

My team and I are looking forward to witnessing YOUR journey to becoming an ENERGY Magnet!!

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What People Are Saying:

Roya, thank you for changing my life. Your coaching and guidance have helped me lose 100 lbs, overcome depression, and embrace freedom. I am incredibly grateful for your vulnerability and willingness to teach.

- Julia

Taking the energy magnet course brought me newfound freedom and confidence. I learned to let go of negativity, set boundaries, and demand what I deserve, leading to a job upgrade with better benefits and work-life balance. Don't settle for less; know your worth and find opportunities that value you.

-Past Energy Magnet Student

Through joining BAEM during my divorce, I took a significant step towards overcoming shame and guilt. Roya's guidance taught me to focus on self-improvement and build a positive outlook, preparing me to find a fulfilling and mature relationship in the future.

-Past Energy Magnet Student

$1,497.00 USD

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