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YOUR Great Reveal 3 Mo Payment Plan

Are you ready to feel even more rich, vibrant & turned on?

Join the 12 week program to: 

  • unlock even more energy
  • get answers to relieve unanswered body ailments
  • deepen your connection with the universe and/or your creator
  • learn how your feminine energy leads you to success
  • optimize your personal relationships
  • join a community of high vibe women

This program is for you if: 

  • YOU are a STAND OUT and you will not allow any area of your life to be subpar.  You are not one to shrink from hard things and pretend they don't exist. You're willing to dive in and get the high level life in ALL areas.
  • You have high success but you want to take it to the next level and there is a block.
  • You're just not ENJOYING your life to the degree you deserve and you don't know why. You may almost feel guilty about it because by most standards, things should be 'great'.
  • Your relationship (or lack there of) does not meet your desired level of excellence - YOU deserve IT ALL.  How are you contributing and do you need to lean in MORE  or make a change?
  • There are wounds that have NEVER healed and they are affecting the best life you could have.
  • You could accomplish a lot more if your confidence was higher or routine tighter.
  • You're energy and physicality causes hinderance on the BIG calling on your life...we rewire your subconscious mind to size and energy and set up EASY HABITS.
  • You are not satisfied with any area being sub-par...you want IT ALL firing at optimal levels - personally, professionally and spiritually.
  • You've been struggling with a decision you need to make and it has become an obsessive thought.
  • You understand community and accountability are essential to uncovering blindspots and truly moving the needle to access what you want.

Let's get you moving on to the NEXT best level of your LIFE!

What People Are Saying:

“Roya helped me through a tremendous breakthrough. She opened my eyes to a fruitful future by healing the child within. I stepped out of my debilitating introversion and sleep challenges to social confidence and full night’s sleep. I recommend her services to anyone that is ready to make a potent and lasting change.”

Raquel O

“If you are looking for clarity and confidence to pursue your goals, Roya is a great coach. Within an hour of working together, she made some very astute observations that helped me reframe my skills and move beyond my limiting beliefs.”

Kim H